INTENTION Sit in a comfortable position, with your legs crossed if possible. Ground both butt cheeks equally into the floor, lengthen your spine, lift your heart slightly, relax your shoulders. Allow your breath to soften, deepen and slow down. Follow your breath with your mind, without controlling it, just for a couple of breaths. Notice how your feeling right now, in your physical body, in your mind and soul. Ask yourself what you need right now in your life, in order to feel fulfilled; Allow that to be your intention today. ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING / anuloma viloma, If you get dizzy, if your lungs feel strained or there is any discomfort, stop or adjust the breathing according to your state today. Press your right thumb slightly against your right nostril, index and middle finger between your eyebrows, the ring finger and pinky resting next to the left nostril. Close your mouth and your eyes. Only breathe through your nose if possible. Start by closing the right nostril with the thumb, keeping the left one open, inhaling through the left, counting silently in your head to four. Close the left nostril (with ring finger an pinky) and open the right nostril, exhale on the count of four, keep it open and inhale through right on the count of four. Close right, open left, exhale on four. Thats one round. Try to do five to ten rounds if possible. EAR TO SHOULDER Sit in a steady, comfortable posture. Tip your head towards the right shoulder, almost like the right ear would touch it (but really it shouldn’t since your shoulders should be relaxed). Maintain a straight spine. Gently rest your right hand on top of your head, point your left arm out to the side, in a way so that you can feel the stretch in the left side of the neck increase a little bit. Breathe slow, deep and comfortable. Trying to maintain your focus on your breath and the sensations in your body. Stay a minimum of 5-10 breaths, or maybe a full long beautiful minute if you have the time. Return to neutral position for a breath or two, and then do the left side. NECK BACK AND FORWARD Maintain a steady and comfortable seated position (if your feeling stiff or it’s tingling in your body, please feel free to stretch your legs in between the postures). Try to keep your breath steady and calm, flowing though your nose on both inhale and exhale, expanding your stomach on the inhale, and emptying the stomach on the exhale. Inhale through your nose and gently lift your chin up to the sky. Exhale and tip the chin down towards the chest. Move up and down with the head together with your breath, moving carefully at first, gradually and carefully discovering the full range of motion in your neck. Repeat 5-15 times.


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