DRAGONFLY This posture is very nice to do seated on a cushion, rolled up blanket or meditation pillow, to avoid rounding of lower back, helping the pelvis to tilt forward (Sit with half of you buttocks only, just at the very edge of the pillow) Sit with your legs wide open, as wide as your comfortable with. Place your hands on the floor in front of you, lengthen your spine, lift your heart slightly towards the sky, relax your shoulders, tip your pelvis and hips forwards towards the floor. Gently move your hands away from you, lowering your belly and then maybe even the chest, towards the floor. Stop before you feel any pain. Stay and be still for at least a minute, max 5-6 minutes. Relax as many parts of you body as possible, especially the legs, feet and knees. Your knees might be bent, if that puts less strain on you. A bolster / big pillow might be on the floor in front of you, so that you can hug it and really relax your upper body.


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