MELTED HEART Enter the pose slowly and delicately, allowing your breath and body to show you how deep to go today. When you reach a place in the posture where you are comfortable but not bored, where there is no pain but it’s still interesting, stay there. Try to be still. Soften your breath, let it flow any way it wants while trying to relax as many parts of your body and mind as possible. From all fours, allow your arms to lengthen and slide away from you while slowly lowering your chest towards the floor, imagining that your heart is becoming one with the earth. Look forward, maybe your chin in touching the mat. OPTION is to rest your elbows on the mat just in front of you, allowing them to take your weight, lifting your hands towards your head, trying to relax your shoulder blades, only do this if there is no pain in shoulders, neck or spine. ANOTHER OPTION is to open the knees a bit wider, maybe even allowing the butt to fall back a bit towards the heels, keeping the elbows steady on the mat, heart and chest further up not touching the floor. Try to stay in the posture for 1-5 minutes, keeping your focus on the sensations in your body, noticing the rhythm of your heart, maybe even reminding yourself of things, moments and people in your life that you are grateful and thankful for, right now, in this moment.


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