LEG RAISES Lay on your back with your arms next to your body hands flat down, or hands just under your buttocks. Lift your lefts up into the sky at a 90 degree angle, flexing your feet, stay here for a couple of breaths. When your ready, release your legs slowly down towards the floor while exhaling, engaging your core/pressing your belly button towards the spine / engaging Moola Bandha, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Lift the legs back right up on inhale, if the lift is hurting your back, bend the knees on the way up. Always keep the neck and upper back on the floor. HAPPY BABY Relax on your back, bend your knees towards your chest, open them wide, feet flat against the sky. Hold your hands behind your knees or if you can reach your toes or ankles, grab hold of them. Breath steady and calm. Close your eyes and stay for 1 minute or two. You can rock gently from side to side, if you feel like it. Giggle/ laugh out loud like a baby every now and then. OPEN LIKE A V After happy baby is done, hug your knees towards your chest, then take the same grip with your hands like before, behind the knees or toes/ankles, and gently, slowly, breath by breath, start to open your legs out wide to the side, keeping them as straight as possible while keeping your whole back, spine, neck and shoulders relaxed on the floor. Don’t push to far or to hard, try to be relaxed and soft! If your hands cannot reach anywhere on the legs, just relax them next to your body. Stay in the posture between 5 breaths and 3 minutes. Notice the sensations in your body, paying special attention to the places that feels good and soft, AND the ones that feels more uncomfortable and stiff. Try and see if you can breath into the stiff places, filling them up with space, air and light, relaxing them on the exhale. When you’re done, gently place your feet wide on the mat, knees bent, tip one knee down towards the opposite foot, gently return to neutral and then do the other knee. Repeat 2-3 times. (windwipers)


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