SENZEI ON YOUR TOES If this posture is hurting your knees, try sitting on a block or pillow, if that is not helping, skip this posture today. Sit on you heels, curl your toes under, so that the soles of your feet are showing to the back. Keep your spine straight, and be aware of the position of your pelvis and hips, trying to keep them aligned in the middle, not arching nor curving your lower back. Relax your hands in your lap. Close your eyes, breathe calmly and softly. If this is a new position for you, you will most probably start to notice a burning sensation in your feet straight away, try to sit a breath or two, and then release the top of your feet flat on the floor. With time and practice, you will be able to sit longer without pain, gradually getting used to and a accepting a slight discomfort, but discovering the difference between pain and discomfort. Remember its not a competition, you’re doing this for your benefit and joy. ON FLAT FEET WITH WITH NAMASTE ON BACK When its time for you, or after a minute, release and allow the top of the feet to be flat against the floor, enjoy this sensation for a moment, and then grab you elbows with your hands behind your back. If that is comfortable for you, and you feel no pain in your shoulders, feel free to explore further and see if you can make the palms of your hands touch, making a namaste with you hands behind your back. Be aware of the straightness of your spine and the neutral position of your pelvis and hips. Feel the rhythm of your heart, relax your eyes, soften your breath, stay for 1-3 minutes while noticing the rise and fall of your thoughts and emotions, notice which emotions and thoughts that keep coming back, and which ones are easer to let go of. Try not to label or judge anything that comes to you, try just to notice and be aware. Maybe even accepting whatever is coming to you.


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