GARUDASANA (eagle pose) If possible, sit on your heels, top of feet flat towards the floor. If that is not working for you today, sit with your legs crossed or in another seated position that is comfortable and steady, where your spine is able to be straight. Inhale and lift your elbows up towards the sky, stopping when there is pain or you cannot keep you shoulders relaxed anymore. If your spine allows you, maybe you will be able to lift your shin, and your hands, all the way up and almost behind you, while your upper back is arching back. Please make sure that you can feel space and lightness being created in your chest and ribcage this whole time, allowing for a smooth and safe opening of your upper back. If you cannot smile, your pushing to much. Stay for a minimum of 5-10 breaths, maybe all the way up to a minute. Then gently release the arms down towards the floor while bending forward on your knees, maintaining the eagle grip, relaxing your head down. Stay for 5-10 breaths up to a minute. Come out of the posture gently and in slow motion. Notice if you feel any difference in your left and right side. Gently move your neck and shake your arms before you do the other side.


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