Try to stay as long as you possible in Savasana, aim at putting your alarm at at least 10 minutes. (if you only have 2-3 minutes, don’t fret, it’s better than nothing!!) Relax on you back. Spread your arms and legs wide, turn the palms of your hands up towards the sky. Close your eyes, let your breath flow freely and gently. Soften your heart, allow your body and mind to be still. Focus on the feeling of your breath, or the place between your eyebrows, or maybe visualise a beautiful sunset. WHile being in Savasana, most probably thoughts and emotions will arise. Don’t let this upset you. Just simply realise that you cannot choose, stop or control your thoughts, but what you can control and choose is how to react to them. So right now, just acknowledge them, let them be whatever they are, just let them flow in and out as they want, and try and do your best to accept for what they are (just thoughts!). Notice if there is any reaction in your body (squeeze or butterflies in the belly, change of heart rate or temperature, tension in the face or neck, dryness in mouth, a smile, etc) or in your emotions, when a thought arises. Whatever happens, whatever comes to you, just try to be still, soft and relaxed. Try not to label or judge what is coming to you. While in Savasana you can do a body scan; relax and mentally go throughout every part of your body, while repeating what you’re doing silently in your head. SOmething like this: I relax my toes, my toes are relaxed (relax your toes now!), I relax my heels, my heels are relaxed, I relax my feet, my whole feet are relaxed…etc, all the way up to your heart, eyes, mouth, tongue, face, brain and the top of you head. Before you finish your practice. take a moment to acknowledge how you feel and what happened during todays session, and thank yourself, and your body, for the time and effort you put into you practice today. Maybe even send a thank you to all the people you love and cherish, to all the things that you are grateful for today.


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