SUPINE BUTTERLY Relax on your back, bend your knees, make the soles of your feet touch, relax your knees out and down towards the floor. Keep you arms alongside your body, hands just under your thighs, maybe even holding your thighs. Relax the hips, pelvis, back, spine, neck and face. Breathe gently, noticing the slight rise and fall of your belly with every breath. Stay for 1-3 minutes. …TOGETHER WITH FISH When you’re in supine butterfly, gently push you elbows into the floor, almost a bit under your upper back, start to raise your heart towards the sky, feeling the arching of your upper back. Try and see if you can place the top of your head against the mat. Breathe and enjoy filling your heart and upper chest with new space and good vibes. Sat for around 5-10 breaths, maybe a minute if you’re enjoying yourself.


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