DRAGONFLY WITH A TWIST Sit with legs wide open, spine straight. Place your right hand on top of you left leg/thigh, and the left hand on the floor just behind you/ next to your left butt cheek. Keep both buttocks firmly planted in the floor the whole posture. Gently lift your heart, keep your shoulders open and relaxed (shoulder blades might be turning towards each) and turn your torso to the left, allowing your heart, internal organs and ribcage to do the movement, keeping your spine straight and steady. Look behind you or down to avoid straining the neck. Stay for 5-10 breaths, maybe all the way up to a minute. Gently come back to neutral and then do the other side. BEND OVER SIDE Legs wide open as much as you’re comfortable with, both hand on each side of your left leg. Both buttocks in the floor. Back straight and proud. Gently start tilting your lower back, hips and pelvis towards the left thigh/upper leg. Breathe slow and comfortable. Try to relax as many parts of you body as possible. Stay 1-3 minutes. If you feel really comfortable, maybe you wanna try the OPTION: BEND SOME MORE, by simply just melting a little bit more down towards the leg, envisioning your belly button touching the upper part of the leg. Don’t go deeper than you can still smile and relax behind your knee and your toes. Gently come back to neutral, maybe shake your legs a bit, and then move over to the other side. If you’re up for it, try to come into a Downward facing dog for a couple of breaths before you move on to the next posture. (Downward facing dog: looks like an inverted V; stay on all fours, hand under shoulders, knees under hips, tuck your toes to the mat, lift your buttocks high towards the sky, keep you arms straight, hands pressing into the mat, legs as straight as possible, heels aiming to reach for the floor, feet hip distance apart)


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